Are Back Massagers Good for You? Get All the Details

Massages are proven as an effective solution for back pain. In fact, studies have shown the promising advantages of massages. A study on 104 enrolled patients by researchers from the University of Kentucky and Indiana University suggests that massage can help individuals with back pain. Therefore, the best way to treat this pain is using a back massager.

You might wonder, are back massagers good for you, or will it be a good investment? Well, back massagers work as massage therapy to improve blood circulation, oxygen flow, reduce muscle tension and thus, improve recovery. We will share every information about back massagers, so continue reading to know further.

What Is A Back Massager?

Back massagers are devices that imitate the movements of professional massage therapies. By using kneading, massage techniques, and vibration, they relieve back pain and soreness. Without any human interaction, these devices can do magic to ease your pain.

You can select from several ranges of electrical and non-electrical back massagers. Electrical back massagers include chair pad, Chairs for Back Pain, handheld, belt, cushion or pillow, tens unit, percussive massager. Non-electric back massagers come up with cane, S-shaped, Handheld, Wooden ball, foam roller massagers.

Are Back Massagers Good For You

You can have a wide range of advantages from both electrical and non-electrical back massagers. From this section, you can find out are back massagers good for you or not.

Are Back Massagers Good For You

1. Relieves Back Pain

After examining 20 studies, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality found that Massage therapy is helpful to relieve pain. Back massager applies the same techniques to ease your pain.

2. Improves Flexibility

Massager devices put pressure on your back thus, helps in relaxation. This process of putting pressure strained the muscle to be less stiff and more flexible. It will make you feel freer and energized.

3. Stimulates Blood Flow and Circulation

A body can’t function properly without proper blood circulation. Your back massager can adequately wake up your muscle cells. In this way, it energizes your muscles and improves circulation. Better circulation of blood ensures proper oxygen and overall improvement of your wellness and health.

4. Improves Skin Elasticity

After using the back massager for a couple of days, you can notice the change in your skin elasticity. When the massager rubs your muscle, the skin receives pressure. This outer [pressure makes the skin firmer, radiant, and smoother than before. The skin becomes less saggy and more toned.

5. Lesser Mood Swings

Aside from relieving back pain, a back massager also helps you by improving your overall well-being. The back massager helps to release endorphins in your body which is known as the happy hormone. It makes the nervous system relax and calm you down. As a result, you will experience fewer mood swings.

6. Provides Better Sleep

Even when the body gets tired, your mind can’t rest sometimes. Getting a daily back massage can effectively provide you a good night’s rest. It will soothe your nerves, make your body free from aches, and contribute to a night of better sleep.

How To Give A Back Massage

From the following steps, you can learn the basic massage techniques and provide quality massage at home. Just keep in mind while giving a massage apply very light pressure to your fingers.

How To Give A Back Massage

Step 1 (Finding location):

Choose a comfortable location like a massage table or bed that can provide the best possible support to your back. It should be comfortable and allows the best possible alignment of your spine.

Step 2 (Preparing the Location):

Prepare the table or bed by placing a soft mat and a clean sheet. You can play some ambient music with low volume. Turn the light off and use light scented candles.

Step 3 (Prepare the Person):

Make the person lie down the face comfortably. To provide better support and flexibility, you can put a pillow or folded towel beneath the ankles. After that, expose the person’s back.

Step 4(Make the Person Comfortable):

Remind the person to take a deep, slow breath and stay relaxed. Also, ask about the location of feeling tension and pain. Pour massage oil like organic coconut oil, almond oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, etc.

Step 5 (Effleurage Technique):

After that, spread the oil across the back using the fingers and palm. Use gliding movements with light friction and even strokes. It is known as the effleurage technique. Start massaging from the back’s bottom and then gently move upward.

While applying pressure, always move upward towards the direction of blood flow. After that, bring the hands down lightly outside the back. Apply this technique for 3-5 minutes. To warm the back muscle you can, you can increase the pressure from light to medium.

Step 6 (Petrissage Technique):

Now apply petrissage techniques with circular and shorter strokes. In this massage, you should put more pressure and use the palm, knuckles, and fingertips. The movement will start from the waist, then move to the core, and lastly, the shoulders. Do this movement for 2-5 minutes across the entire back.

Step 7 (Muscle Lifting):

Close your fingers while holding the thumbs. Start applying pressure in a lifting and twisting motion. For 2-3 minutes, move up and back with this movement.

Step 8 (Fenning Technique):

Keep your thumbs side of the spine or below the neck. Now, extend your thumbs using the fanning motion and start pushing gently to the lower back.

Step 9 (Apply Twist):

Place one hand around the far hip and another on the near hip. Pull your one hand toward while pushing away another one. Both your hands should slide against each other.


A back massager is a wonderful device that you can use however and whenever. Just make sure the massager is well-made, designed with quality material, durable, and safe for you. Now that you know are back massagers good for you start using the best one and relieve your pain.

Regular use of the back massager effectively eases back pain as well as improves the mood, and provides better sleep. They are best for saving money as you don’t need to go for therapists for any session. Also, these devices take very little time and, most importantly, very beneficial for you.

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