best mattresses for stomach and side sleepers

Mattresses are the most important part of someone’s life. If you ask me, a good mattress really has the ability to affect the way you eat, spend your day and of course, sleep!

A lot of people think that any type of mattress that they are about to buy will be great and that they will have no problem sleeping on it. However, what they do not realize is the fact that every single mattress is different.

Some people, who are aware of the differences in mattresses, have their own preferences as to what kind of mattress they like and wish to sleep on. Some of these preferences are reflective of peoples sleeping positions.

Back sleepers, the most common ones, probably will not have an issue with the type of mattress they use, probably because all mattresses are designed for back sleepers!

On the other hand, there are very few people who sleep on their stomach and find comfort in it. Some studies show that only 7% of people from all around the world are stomach sleepers. So congratulations if you are on that list!

Many people tend to avoid sleeping on their stomachs because it sometimes becomes the reason behind many pains that occur in the stomach region.

Just like stomach sleepers, side sleepers are also less than the average back sleepers. However, side sleeping individuals are generally higher in numbers than stomach sleepers.

Now you may be thinking, how am I supposed to find the PERFECT mattress with all these complications? Well, the answer is simple. We have compiled a list of the top three best mattresses for stomach and side sleepers that are currently available.

LUCID 12’ Latex Hybrid Mattress

With this amazing mattress, you can begin to enjoy greater pressure reduction and sleep cooler. One of the selling points of this mattress is the fact that it is perfect for the users who are just not ready to purchase a full memory foam mattress. Instead, the LUCID 12’ Latex Hybrid offers a medium firm mattress with a slight sink to give the user experience of both a firm and a soft mattress.

To make it easier for you to comprehend the benefits and drawbacks of this mattress before making an ultimate decision, we will separately list the pros and cons that come with the LUCID 12’ Latex Hybrid mattress.

The Good Parts 

One of the first great features of this mattress that I would like to highlight is the fact that it provides flexible support alongside matching comfort! This may be because of the infused real latex and gel that goes up to 3.5”.  

Moreover, this revolutionary mattress responds great to movement and has increased and better airflow, why? Because of the 6.5” encased single steel-coils.

Also because of the individually encased steel coils comes to the benefit of this mattress being able to provide amazing edge support and does the work of aligning your spine to relieve some pressure points.

The LUCID 12’ Latex Hybrid mattress is also compressed and rolled in order to ease shipping and set up. So, it is safe to say that LUCID really went out all out on this mattress and made it an extremely reliable one too.

The Bad Parts

As much as I hate to say it, but where there are pros there are bound to be cons as well. Although in this case, there are not many cons in the first place. Even after looking at various reviews from many different people, we came to a realization that this product may actually, for once, be what it looked and seemed like. Many reviewers also emphasized on the fact that this mattress helped to relive their sleeping problems.

However, some do say that there may be an odour problem in some models of this mattress. Moreover, others say that some certain models of the mattress lack good edge support.

The Sleep Innovations Gel Memory Foam Mattress

If I had gotten into the whole title it probably would have lasted much longer than half of a line. This amazing product is the 4-inch dual layer mattress with gel memory foam made by Sleep Innovations.

Now it comes as no surprise that Sleep Innovations developed such a heavenly product. This is because it’s been in the industry for over 20 years now!

Let’s take a look at the benefits and drawback of this cloud feeling mattress.

The Good Parts

This remarkable mattress has a two-layer mattress topper of fibre filling which is filled in a quilted cover. Not only this, but it also has 2 whole inches of memory foam with cooling gel.

This combination is the perfect couple for extreme relief and relaxation. And, the best was saved for last, it also provides therapeutic relief by having a pressure-relieving support system.

The Bad Parts

For this specific mattress, some reviews had to say that the white fitted topper was in fact not washable as it was stated in the product. Furthermore, it also seemed as though the white topper did not maintain its firmness or structure for that matter.

The ViscoSoft 2-inch Gel Memory Foam Twin Mattress

Also infused with a cooling gel like our previous two mattresses, this ViscoSoft mattress helps the user to stay cool and comfortable all night long without any sorts of twisting and turning.

This is a very good mattress to invest in as not only will this save you money but also give you all the same benefits that an expensive mattress could!

The Good Parts

The ViscoSoft mattress has been the apple of many people’s eyes ever since it has been introduced. This may because of its extremely amazing benefits.

Starting off, this mattress is of American made quality in order to ensure that it is better than other cheaper alternatives.

Although it may be a pretty cheap choice, this mattress is said to be one of the best mattresses for stomach and side sleepers by many individuals.

The Bad Parts

Like the previous products, this too did not receive many bad reviews and we also did not find any drawbacks worth contemplating.

However, it was said a few times that the odor did not go away even after a long period of time.

So, now that all stomach and side sleepers have become well aware of all the features that the best mattress contain, go on and purchase the perfect one for you!

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