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Best sectional sofa for family

There is the amazing best sectional sofa that you will fall in love with without any hesitation. These best sectional sofas are world class. We are about to give you the five best sectional sofas. If you are planning to decor your house or buying a new sofa or changing your sofa these can be a great one for you. You can choose your choice from the best collection of sofas. Be sure that these sofas can be the great fit for your decorative will change also your rooms look. wiki

Divano Roma Furniture Modern Microfiber Sectional Sofa – Small Space Configurable (Grey)

This is a lovely sofa that is very sturdy. It is also an ottoman sofa. It can be configured in a small space or have two sets configured in a large space to cover enough space in an apartment.


  • Grey soft sectional sofa
  • Soft micro-fiber upholstery made with hardwood frame alongside aluminum detachable legs in silver color
  • Measures 78 x 54 x 34 inches
  • Requires minor assembly with screwing of the legs

How to clean Microfiber Sofas

Before you start to clean your Microfiber Sofa, you need to read the tag on the furniture to be sure of what is recommended. You can either use a water-based cleaner or solvent-based cleaner. If the tag states water-based cleaner, it means you can mix water with home-based dish soap to clean the sofa; do not use solvent-based cleaner. If the tag states solvent-based cleaner, it means you have to buy microfiber upholstery cleaner and not use water-based cleaner. This will really help in not destroying the color of the material. Whatever the tag is, follow the instructions below to take good care of your Microfiber Sofas.

– Vacuum

Vacuum the sofa regularly to keep dirt and dust from staining the fabric. Use a lint roller to lift hair and other particles from the sofa.

-Read the Label

Reading the label on your microfiber sofa will help you determine what type of cleaner you can use. Labels usually read “water-based cleaner” or “solvent-based cleaner.” They may also simply be labeled as “W” or “S,” respectively.

– Mix Soap and Water

Mix a few drops of mild soap, like a gentle dish soap, with water to make a water-based cleaning solution good for removing most stains. Add a few drops of white vinegar or a pinch of baking soda to remove odor while cleaning.

-Test the Cleaner

No matter which type of cleaner you use, you will want to test it on the not easily see side first, like under the sofa cushion. Clean it and let it dry to make sure the color doesn’t fade or the texture of the microfiber isn’t ruined.

-Apply the Cleaning Solution

Apply the appropriate cleaning solution for your sofa with a clean, soft rag, and then gently scrub the sofa to remove the stain. You may have to re-apply the cleaning solution to the rag several times before you completely lift the stain. Never apply the cleaning solution directly to the couch, as your goal is to use the least amount of saturation possible to lift the stain.

This sofa is well suited for an apartment or a studio. It is a sofa that is aesthetically built to give your apartment a warm look. It will as well compliment your décor. Apart from this, the sofa is very sturdy and so easy to clean. Its grey color makes cleaning a piece of cake. It absorbs dirt without showing it for everyone to see. If you want your apartment – bedroom, sitting room or guest room to look exquisite, this Sectional Sofa is the ideal one for you. Make your home look lively. The best way to bring comfort to your apartment is to have this marvelous sofa.

Divano Roma Furniture Modern Linen Fabric Small Space Sectional Sofa with Reversible Chaise (Apricot)

This is another brilliant sofa that is one of the best sectional sofas. This is another sectional sofa to make your living room and sitting room really lively. This is extraordinary comfort. This is the kind of sofa to enhance your lifestyle. It is time to make that statement with a fashionable sofa. It will fit well in a small room or get 2, 3, 4 or 5 sets for a large space; depending on how large space is. This sofa comes with a reversible chaise or apricot.


  • Modern linen fabric segmented sofa with reversible chaise lounge in a variant of colors
  • It features wonderful soft fabrics with fun colors on a strong hardwood frame. There are overstuffed cushions alongside two decorative pillows using the same fabric
  • Dimensions: Overall- 76″W x 50″D x 28″H, Seat- 66″W x 22″D, Back Rest- 17″H
  • Minor assembly is required

How to clean Linen Sofa Fabric

Linen is certainly a strong natural fiber. It dyes and wrinkles easily and is often blended with another fiber, such as rayon, for upholstery. It helps to complement contemporary-style furniture. Linen is capable of handling different alkaline detergents and also dry-cleaning solvents; the pure fiber is a Code S fabric, which is industry-speak for material that resists solvents. Linen and linen blends can also be Code WS fabrics, and they may be cleaned with water-based or solvent products.

-First, start by vacuuming the sofa to get rid of loose dirt because it is possible that a cleaning liquid could soak deep into the fibers. Make sure you break up any encrusted dirt with a soft brush and vacuum it up completely.

-Go ahead and try to spot stained or soiled sections of the sofa with a cleaning solvent or a water-based detergent, mix the solution following the manufacturer’s instructions on the tag. Simply test the solution by first testing the cleaner on an unseen area of the sofa to be sure it won’t fade out the fabric.

– Simply apply the solution with a white cloth, dabbing at the stain or spot to totally remove the dirt away from the upholstery. As the cloth becomes dirtier, you can use that unstained clean parts of the cloth to continue loosening and absorbing the dirt from the sofa.


Use the same technique to clean removable cushions in the same manner as you cleaned the frame of the sofa. After getting out the stains, start over again cleaning the entire cushion with the cleaning cloth.

-Give some time to allow all the cleaned sections and the cushions to thoroughly dry before you can start to put the sofa together. After you are damn sure that the sofa is perfectly dry, try again by vacuuming the cleaned sections for a second time.

Modern-type Bonded Leather Well-Fortified Sectional Sofa with Small Space Configurable Couch – Black – This is the third sofa that makes it to the list of the best sectional sofa. This is a superb black leather sectional sofa. This sofa confirms the saying: black is beautiful. Place this sofa anywhere – living room, sitting room or bedroom, it will look fantastic. It comes with bonded leather which makes the leather material stronger to withstand “wear and tear”. You can never go wrong with a black sectional sofa. It is the cynosure of all eyes because black leather sofas add a touch of elegance to your home décor.


  • It features bonded leather that has got a small space with perfectly reversible chaise well-fortified sectional sofa
  • Its got a durable well-bonded leather upholstery with a simple hardwood frame
  • Its measurement is 78″ x 54″ x 34″
  • Minor assembly is required with screwing the legs

Black leather sofa

The cleaning of sofas can be tasking. You cannot just wipe them down with a wet cloth.

Moreover, harsh cleaners can easily spoil your luxurious sofa. Also, bleach and ammonia-based cleaners should be avoided at all cost.

Therefore, it is either you make a gentle yet effective cleaner at home or use a leather cleaner as instructed by your sofa manufacturer. It makes sense to clean your leather furniture every two months or at least three times a year.

– Firstly, do a vacuum cleaning of the sofa with a sponge brush that has an attachment. Ensure that it thoroughly takes in the dirt in the crevices. If this is not done properly, dust and the dirt could be rubbed into the sofa. Hence, they can damage the material when they come in contact with moisture.


– Make your cleaning solution by mixing an equal amount of water and white vinegar. Alternatively, you can also go ahead and mix a few drops of commercial leather cleaner in water.

– Dip a soft cloth. Using a microfiber cloth is better in this solution and wring it out so that the cloth is damp, not totally wet.

– Wipe up and down the entire sofa with this cloth while rinsing the cloth inside the cleaning solution when required. The best way is to start the cleaning from the top and go the way down.

– Next is to dry out the sofa with a neat towel. Avoid the use of a blow dryer for this reason as it is likely to dehydrate the leather.

Apart from using a vinegar solution, you can also clean your leather sofa with a moisturizing soap and water. Test the cleaning solution on a spot that is not seen before using it on the entire sofa.

How to remove stains from black leather sofas

–    To remove mold, clean the affected areas with an equal amount of water and rubbing alcohol.

–    If there are stains caused by a permanent marker on the sofa, you can easily go ahead to remove the marker stains by using an aerosol hairspray to spray it on the stains. If it is a ballpoint pen scribble done by your child or children, you can easily remove the scribble by rubbing eucalyptus oil on it. You can rub alcohol; it will easily clean the ink stains. You just have to dip a cotton swab in rubbing the alcohol and rub it on the stain.

–    You can also use baby wipes, non-acetone nail polish removers, and toothpaste too (white toothpaste; not colored toothpaste) can as well assist you in the removal of stains from the leather sofa. Start by testing these options on a hidden area to be sure that it does not fade out the color of leather.

Additional tips

–    For regular weekly cleaning, you can simply wipe the sofa with a dry cloth or dust it off with a feather duster. If it is used heavily then you may consider cleaning the sofa with a vacuum cleaner. Plus, turn and fluff the cushions on a regular basis to avoid wrinkles on them.

–    Do not expose your leather sofa to sunlight; it can age and dry the leather, thereby leading to discoloration and cracking. In fact, it makes sense keep it about two feet far away from the sources of heat.

–    Attend to any spills (even water spills) on the sofa immediately, or else the fluid will penetrate the dye and leave spots. So, blot the fluid as soon as possible.

– It is not ideal to clean stubborn spots and stains by yourself. It is better to give the job to a professional cleaner rather than spoiling the material through “trial and error”.

Bridger Deep Red Fabric Sectional Couch

This is the fourth sofa in our review of best sectional sofas. This sofa comes with deep red fabric. Deep red is a color that commands respect any time, any day. It will make a respectable statement anywhere in your apartment. With a 100% polyester material, you are sure of a high-quality fabric material. This deep red fabric will boost your home décor with style and aesthetics. It will be amazing in the living room.


  • 1Right Arm Sofa Seat, 1Left Arm Sofa Seat, 1Corner Sofa Seat, 2 Armless Sofa Seats
  • Fabric Composition: 100% Polyester
  • This sectional couch is a great addition for your living room. Mix and match the included seats to create whatever shape works best for your space. This sectional couch features soft fabric and extra plush cushions, to give you the best experience every time that you want to relax at home.
  • Light assembly is required

How to Clean Polyester Sofa Fabric

Polyester receives praise for its aesthetic qualities, such as its “look and feels”, as well as its great attributes that include vigor, resilience, and resistance to scrape and mold. Despite its numerous advantages, polyester can still be easily stained and dirty. Whether your sofa fabric was dirty by a spill or through everyday use, there are a few cleaning techniques that can help you to clean your sofa so as to look new again.

–    Begin your sofa-cleaning project with vacuuming. Vacuuming helps to eliminate dirt, remove dust and also pet hair that affects the look and beauty of the furniture. It prevents debris from dropping deeper into your fabric and which may cause permanent damage to the fiber. Start by removing all the detachable cushions from the couch and use the crevice tool of the vacuum cleaner to enter the difficult-to-reach areas in order to have a thorough cleaning. Weekly vacuuming makes a lot of sense. It limits the dirt, dust and debris accumulation.


Effective cleaning techniques for polyester materials largely depend on the manufacturer. If the manufacturer recommends a water-soluble solution, just go ahead and make a solution of one teaspoon gentle laundry detergent, measure a teaspoon containing white vinegar and also a quart of warm water. Start by testing the solution on a small, hidden section of the sofa. Apply by using a kind of light dabbing motion method to apply the solution using a microfiber towel, and then follow up immediately using a very clean cloth is well dipped and wrung out using cold fresh water to rinse away the solution.

Mould and mildew increase during wet conditions. Leave the fabric to dry swiftly to prevent foul smell and the growth of foul fungi. If it is possible, take cushions to dry up in the sun. There is nothing bad in using a hair dryer to accelerate the drying process. When you are sure that the fabric is dry, go over the process again making use of a soft-bristled scrub brush scrubbing it in a circular motion. Doing this will help to return polyester fibers to their original condition, resulting in a softer and suppler fabric.

Tips and Techniques of clean Polyester Fabric

Small children and pets present additional challenges when it comes to cleaning upholstered furniture. While using a sticky lint roller is appropriate for the removal of stubborn pet hair, it makes a lot of sense to use a pair of rubber gloves. Pet dirt responds well to white vinegar and baking soda, both of which not only clean but also act as air fresheners for children and pet urine, vomit, and other unpleasant stuff. Homes, where you have small children, can be complicated if you have cushions made of fabric material. Instead of getting worried when you see a piece of chewing gum sticking to the fabric, add an ice cube to soften it in order to make the gum easy to remove.

Case Andrea Milano 3-Piece Microfiber Faux Leather Sectional Sofa with Ottoman, Hazelnut

This is the fifth best sectional sofa. It comes with microfiber faux leather. This sofa is bound to make your living room look cool. It will also make a good statement with your home décor. It comes with ottoman and accent pillows.


  • It features a sectional sofa that is modern and large alongside accent pillows with ottoman
  • It features a strong hardwood frame alongside with a nice and ultra-soft micro-fiber fabric
  • This sofa features a reversible chaise providing L/R configuration

The second way is to use disposable leather cleaning cloths

One of the best and most renowned brands of disposable leather cleaning cloths is Gleen. It is very affordable, usually, it costs around fifteen dollars.

What I really love about these clothes is that they are very efficient, in fact, some brands like Gleen put special chemicals that will get rid of stains and spots almost immediately.

These cleaners are specially designed to help you get rid of stains and spots very quickly and easily, the thing I dislike about them is that they tend to be expensive, but if you can find a brand called Blue Coral, it has a product called DC22 Upholstery Cleaner which only costs nine dollars.

However, you should be careful when using detergent because it may damage the coloring or the texture, which is why it is always a good idea to test in a hidden part of your sofa before applying it.

Mix with some warm water and apply it using a dry cloth in a circular motion, it is the best way to get rid of the stains and spots on your faux leather sofas quickly and easily.

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