7 Best Study Desk for Students – Updated 2021

Best Study Desk for Students

The study is an important aspect of every student’s life. It is quite challenging to have a conducive learning environment if a student does not have the right desk. This is the reason why every parent has a mandate of buying the best study desk for students so that they can study well without any challenges. Having a good study also enables students to keep their study materials in a safe place.

An excellent study desk is one that has enough space for studying and is comfortable enough. With a study desk, a student is able to concentrate fully on studies and that should be the main focus. In this student study desk review, we will look into the best desks in the market to give you a hand in identifying the best one for your child.

Top 7 Best Study Desk for Students

A study desk is one of the essential pieces of furniture to have in your house. Having a comfortable study desk will generate a reading practice for you or your children. While choosing a study desk, you should select a well-designed study desk that will make reading comfortable. However, I have assembled a guide that will help you to find the study desk for students as indicated below. I hope it will help you make a wise decision in picking the best one when you go to purchase a study desk for students.

1. Convenience Concepts Student Desk, Charcoal Gray

The convenience student desk has a length of 47.25, a width of 15.75 and a height of 30 inches, which are convenient dimensions as you can set it up virtually anywhere in your home or office. It is a desk that comes with a number of shelves hence the user can easily organize the study materials in a decent manner for easy access.

This student desk is made from hard metal, which is a durable material, and as such, it will last for long. You will agree it is one of the study desks for students for it is quite sturdy, stable and can be used for various functions besides reading, like gaming. Having a comfortable design is what makes the student concentrate and become more productive.

As far as organization goes, there are tons of storage space that you can use provided by this concepts student desk. The user will be able to keep their books and materials safely and in an organized manner. There are many benefits that you will enjoy from this desk due to the versatile nature it has.


  • The unit has lots of storage spaces, which helps in keeping school-related material easily accessible.
  • When you purchase it, you will be able to enjoy its service in a year or two without any maintenance.
  •  It has a rough upper space, which is convenient as it can be used for gaming activities.
  • These products have five shelves, which helps you to assemble all your learning materials in one place.
  • This study desk weighs one pound, which helps to hold learning material or office equipment firmly.

2. C-Hopetree Ladder Desk with Shelf – Student Home Office Computer Table – Metal Frame

C-Hopetree desk has a dimension of 29.1 by 18.9 by 57.9 inches, which makes it virtually convenient as you can keep it anywhere in your room. It is the ultimate study desk for students that comes with extra shelves for additional storage. Besides that, this Ladder Style Desk can be used for styling needs because of its beautiful design.

This student home table is made of vintage wood making it very robust to withstand any weight capacity. It features a tough galvanized steel frame that makes this desk quite strong. Not forgetting the MDF Board and Powder coated frame that are of excellent quality ideal for durability.

The C-Hopetree ladder desk is also designed to fit a number of spaces making it quite versatile. This is an outstanding workstation for a student who wishes to have a good desk for study. You do have to strain lifting this desk as it is very light, with a weight of 19 pounds. As such, one can move it from one place to another without a struggle.


  • This product weighs 19 pounds; this makes work more comfortable when lifting it from one place to another.
  • It is a ladder desk with a height of 57.9 inches, which enables it to be used by a young teen comfortably.
  • C-Hopetree desk has a blown coated frame, which helps it to stay for an extended period without damage.
  • The large frame on this desk will help the student to arrange his learning material easily and easily accessibility to the content.
  • Comes with a durable surface, which can be used for gaming, which is also the versatile nature of the desk.

3. Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk Corner Computer Desk PC Laptop Study Table Workstation Home Office Wood & Metal, Black

The Tribesigns desk is supported by steel metal legs, which help to support the shelves from damage. It is L shaped with round corners, which ensures the safety of the user and makes the space quite large to be used by two working partners.

This L-Shaped corner desk cannot be used only by the student, but can be used as an office desk, computer desk, or meeting table. A clear indication that it is a versatile desk that is quite flexible for various tasks. It constitutes 2 rectangular desktops, which measures 49.21 by 47.24 wide. It comes with assembling tools that are easier to set up without any difficulty.

A study workstation table with adjustable leg pads, which makes it firmer and more stable. This also enables this desk to hold a large number of accessories without any damage. Its large shelves will help the user to arrange their learning materials or clerical stuff, which creates better space for working.


  • A Tribesigns desk can hold several laptop accessories, desktops, and monitors because of its comfortability.
  • It is easy to assemble as they come with instructions and the necessary tools.
  • The L shaped desktop is very spacious for a lot of work, and it is supported by steel metal legs which makes the office stable.
  • This desk has a shelf for arranging books, which helps in organizing and keeping away unnecessary stuff from the desktop.
  • With the round corners users have a safe environment to the user(s) around the working or studying zone.

4. Convenience Concepts Designs2Go No Tools Student Desk, Blue

The convenience student desk has a dimension of 47. 25 (L),15.75(W), and 30(H) inches, which make it convenient to move it around to your working area. It comes with a total number of 6 shelves that help the user to organize the books, pens, and other accessories in an easily accessible manner.

This student desk is available in different sizes, which will help you to choose the one that will comfortably fit your room. It is a desk that will take fewer minutes to assemble because there are no tools that are required while assembling.

The desk is made from good material, which makes it stay for a long time without any maintenance or replacement. It is affordable and easily fits your budget, making it pocket-friendly. Because of its comfortability, the student is able to concentrate and become perfect.


  • The desk has six shelves, which makes the office so spacious for active students working, and helps in the organization.
  • It is made of stainless steel, which is durable hence can serve the student for an extended period.
  • You will require no tools to assemble and takes a few minutes to join because of its most natural setup methods.
  • With a weight of 41 lbs, it is less dense, secure, and flexible to move it around.
  • This unit has a natural taste of colors, styles, and features that will make your room look good.

5. Writing Computer Desk Modern Simple Study Desk Industrial Style Folding Laptop Table for Home Office Notebook Desk Brown Desktop Black Frame

This writing computer desk has a dimension of 39.4 by 19.7 by 29.5, which makes it use a little space if it is well designed. It is an adjustable modern simple study desk that is easy to assemble. Due to its adjustable functionality, you can set it to the right position that you will feel more comfortable at.

Writing desk that is convenient because it can be folded when not in use to create a space. Being easily portable is a plus as it can be carried out for outside leisure activities like picnics. Users can also use the desk for various purposes like at one time as a table and the other as a study desk.

Seeing that it is made from a hard material, this desk will definitely serve you makes it last for a very long period of time without any maintenance. It is a desk that cannot have deformities and also can’t leak water because of its unique design. This desk will not only be used by the student, but  can also be used in different areas like a study room, bedroom, kitchen, and many more places


  • The desk saves space because it can be folded when not in use to create a space that ensures easy cleaning and storage.
  • It is easy to set up because it is accompanied by tools that will help you to resemble it quickly in a few minutes.
  • Writing Computer Desk is portable, and it can be used in outdoor fun activities because it is flexible and easy to move
  • This is convenient as it can be used in different places according to the owner’s purpose.
  • Comes in brown color and has a black frame with a waterproof top bar that cannot be deformed because of its durability.

6. Mainstays Student Desk, Black.

This mainstay student desk provides ample working space which constitutes a simple glide drawer and two shelves. The drawer helps in storing pens, books, and other reading materials. It also comes with additional shelves for displaying items and books organization. Provided shelves ensure tidiness and organization as the less used stuff is well arranged.

This desk is made of black tubular steel which is strong and of good quality hence it will serve you for a long time. A student desk that comes in different sizes to fit in accordance with the size of your room. The Mainstay student desk is quite light, yet sturdy as it can handle several books and laptops without any effect.

A compact work-station that is extremely functional though small in terms of appearance. Made of wood-grain, this desk saves on space. It can be kept in the student’s bedroom or any other convenient room, which is suitable for reading and writing purposes. Mainstays Student Desk creates the best environment for studies, and it encourages the student to work hard because of its comfortability.


  • The desk has a drawer and shelves which help in storing accessories and help to keep the office tidy and organized
  • The Mainstay desk is made of hardwood, hence durable and convenient for student’s use.
  • For the assembling, you can do it at home as it has tools that make collecting easier.
  • With a length of 19.68, width 41.18, and height 31.25 and weighs 52 lbs equivalent to 23.587 kilograms, you can have it anywhere you want
  • There is a chair of one’s choice, which is bought separately to enhance comfort when working on the desk.

7. Furinno Go Green Home Laptop Notebook Computer Desk/Table, With 2 Bin Drawers, Black/Grey/Black

Furinno desk has dimensions of 31.5 by 15.6 by 28.5 inches. This makes it easier to fit your working space. It has two non -woven bin drawers and a storage shelf which are both perfect for storing books and other accessories. A clean damp cloth should be used to clean without applying any harsh chemicals.

This computer desk is made of PVC tubes, which are from recycled plastics and are durable. The PVC material has no foul smell and is remarkably stable. In addition, it is quite functional and highly efficient. It comes with different color options convenient for any room and made to fit the user’s space, style, and budget. 

You can be sure that it will meet the user’s needs as it can hold a big size of books and accessories at the same time. Furinno desk comes in different sizes according to the room of the user requirements; with this, a user has the freedom to choose the desk of his choice.

Furinno Go Green Series is meant to fit your space and is easy to assemble. The material is durable and quite stable made from density composite woods. This Go Green desk adds simple towards lifestyle by creating a trend that matches nature.


  • The desk is made of PVC material, which is very durable, has no foul smell, and is made from recycled plastic.
  • The Furrino desk has non-woven bin drawers and a shelf, which helps in the storage of accessories.
  • Available in different colors, which are convenient for any room and are functional.
  • There are different styles to fit the user’s space and interests because they are made in different sizes.
  • Easy to assemble at home as it has all the tools and instructions to use and takes just a few minutes.

8. What To Look For When Selecting The Study Desk For Students [Buying Guide]

When you purchase a study desk for your student, you will give him/her a little time while learning. This study desk will make a student concentrate better because of its comfortability. Before buying the study desk for students, you should first consider these factors:

  • Room space

The size of your room will determine the kind of study desk that you should purchase. When your room is small, you are advised to buy a small study desk that you can quickly push it to the wall to save your space. But if you have a big room, you may opt to buy a large study desk with the shape of your own choice.

  • Desk size

Once you can identify the space, you have it in your room. You can now be able to choose the desk that will fit your area. Maybe you want to purchase a desk that you can push to the wall quickly or maybe you want the office that will separate the working zone. There are different desks that have all these features.

  • Ergonomics

 Your study desk should provide a comfortable working environment. The height should be right for you, but you can also purchase an adjustable chair if the office is a little bit high. But both your chair and desk should work together for you to get a comfortable working space.

  • Design and material

You should buy a study desk that is perfectly designed for you. But you will decide on the best color or whether classic or modern.

  • Storage solutions

Students require better storage for their school learning materials but sometimes finding it is hard if you want to display your school learning materials or any personal things, you should purchase a study desk. Because they have a number of shelves and drawers that will give you enough space for your staff.

FAQs Study Desk for Students

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the Study Desk for Students in 2020

1. Why should you buy a study desk for your child?

It is because this study desk help provide an appropriate environment and a comfortable learning atmosphere

2. Can you use a study desk for gaming?

Yes. The study desk has a rough top shelve which makes gaming more comfortable.

3. Can the study desk be used to store any other personal document?

Yes. They have several shelves that enable you to keep personal and learning materials in a relaxed and accessible manner.

4. How long does this desk take for assembling?

This desk will take a minimum of 40 minutes for you to finish assembling.

5. Is this chair stable to be written on?

Yes. This chair is pretty stable because of its roughness.

Which is the Best Set is For Me?

Everyone is looking for the right study that will make him comfortable while learning or when doing his clerical work. You should not just buy a study desk, but you should choose the study desk for students that will enable the student to study comfortably. Concentration is key when studying and this can only be achieved if the student is relaxed and comfortable.

I would recommend you to purchase Convenience Concepts Student Desk, Charcoal Gray as the best study desk for students because it will comfortably fit your room and provide a better working environment. It has several shelves that will enable you to store your learning materials in a relaxed and accessible manner. It is made from a hardwood cover that will help it to stay for an extended period without replacement.

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