Can You Steam clean a Memory Foam Mattress?

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Troubled of cleaning mattress yet bacteria attacks are coming in force in disguise of diseases? Looking for a better solution to clean up a mattress impurely? Need a better solution for germs and bacteria?

Okay! Here’s the deal for you. Steam Clean your memory foam mattress. Now, question is, what’s Steam Cleaning? Is it hard? How do you steam clean a memory foam mattress?

Let’s try to look for all the answers in the discussion down below.

What’s Steam Cleaning?

Can You Steam clean a Memory Foam Mattress

In case you haven’t heard about what’s steam cleaning is, Steam cleaning is a mess-free method, with steam. It is an effective and very hygienic and chemical-free process. It is usually used for industrial purposes such as cleaning machinery or abating engine dirt. People can effectively use it for residential use as well.

This is an Eco-friendly cleaning method which can also be used on mattresses too. Our daily sweat, dead skin and other forms of dirt accumulate on our beds which leads to germ breeding. A steam cleaner does a great job using heat to kill germs and make the mattress safer and hygiene.

Can you steam clean your memory foam mattress?

Well, the answer is yes. But you actually should not. Steam cleaning for memory foams should be your last resort.

Using a steam cleaner on a memory foam is not valid for general use. But there may be curious people around here who want to cross-check everything. For those, who want to take the risk please note that using a steam cleaner for your memory foam might ruin it. Even manufacturers of memory mattresses do not support steam clean.

How do you clean your memory foam mattress?

There are loads of other ways to clean your mattress without any damage. Vinegar and soda might just be a perfect way to get all that vomit, urine and other bad stains off memory clean foam.

As you go through many other reviews and researches about cleaning your mattress, a lot of manufacturers gives a long-term warranty offer. But if you want your mattress to last it will need some soft love and tender care from you! And cleaning is probably the best solution to this.

Though cleaning a mattress might remove those stains and dirt that the room environment carries, But, nasty dust miles, bed bugs and bacteria stay there even if you don’t admit it, pal.

Now let’s jump to how to steam clean a mattress and you just need to maintain the steps below.

1. Deodorizing and Vacuuming

Strip your bed sheet, blanket, pillows and everything from the bed

After removing everything from the bed and the mattress is naked, follow the instructions below.

Pillows and mattress toppers absorb the most sweat and dead skin cells as you sleep almost one-third a day. Depending on personal needs, one should wash these at least a week.

Wash and dry all the bedding with high heat

Sanitize, deodorize and clean them by washing all your sheets, pillows, toppers in hot water in your washing machine. Depending on the size of your bedding, you need to take them to a laundromat or a dry cleaner. Consider the instructions given on the tags of the bedding. Pillows are usually safe to wash in the washing machine.

Deodorize using sprinkling soda

Baking soda is a great chemical for removing odors from fabrics. 240 ml of baking soda is enough for a twin-sized mattress. Adjust your quantity according to your mattress size.

A queen or king-sized mattress requires the whole box of baking soda. Mix essential oil to the baking soda before sprinkling it on. You can also use peppermint, lavender or eucalyptus for deodorization and dust removal. Take a small amount of white vinegar or detergent into the baking soda which helps to penetrate and to remove stains from your mattress.

Keep the baking soda on the mattress for 1 hour at the least

Allowing the baking soda on the mattress helps to absorb the oil and smell. If the mattress has a strong smell like urine, let it stay longer until the smell completely goes away. For a really strong smell, you can keep the soda on for up to 24 hours.

Vacuum the mattress thoroughly

After the deodorization done through baking soda, run the vacuum and play short strokes all over the mattress. The spots that frequently contact with skin hold the vacuum longer there to suck all the dust and dead skin cells up.

Any hand attachments are allowed to use to clean your mattress. A wide-mouth hose or rotating brush works the best. Prior steam cleaning vacuuming is important because you want every molecule of dust to be cleaned, though it is impossible.

2. Applying Steam on Mattress

Choose a steaming machine that fits your budget

Any machine that can heat it to 212 Fahrenheit or 100 degrees Celsius will work. Iron is another equipment you can use to steam.

Fill and heat the steamer

Most steamers have a water tank, a heat-generating motor, a grip to hold and apply. Fill the water tank as per the instruction manual and apply steam.

Apply the steam on the mattress

Slowly stroke holding the steamer just above yet not in touch with the mattress. Move right and left, up and down slowly to steam the entire mattress. The mattress should be damp. Not too wet and soaking or it will take a long time dry. Adjust your steam heat according. Don’t overheat it.

Steam the sides of the mattress to get a deep clean

Steam is also on the sideways to get a deeper clean. If your mattress is double-sided wait until one side is dry then turn to the other side.

Wait 2-4 hours to dry completely

Wait for 2-4 hours to dry it completely depending on how much steam you used to clean up the mattress. If you have a wet/dry vac, you can use it to soak all the leftover moisture to get it done sooner.

You got all the answers to your questions, haven’t you? Now, you can clean your memory foam mattress with steam cleaning. Enjoy!

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