How To Clean a Fire Pit – Maintaining Any Fire Pit

How To Clean A Fire Pit

The wintertime is great for them, who have a fire pit out there in the yard.  Gathering around the fire, singing and gossiping with friends and family is just beautiful. To keep these beautiful moments alive for the future, you have to keep your fire pit clean.

Your pit may be designed with a sculptural metal or durable stone and burns on gas or log; it needs a regular deep cleaning to work and stay sustainable.  Though the cleaning process is really tricky one but easy if you do it proper tool and cleaning solutions. In this how-to clean a fire pit guide, you will have to learn the whole cleaning process in a minute.

What to do you need while cleaning the fire pit

There are different fire pits, and each of them has a different method of cleaning. For example, the gas fire pit and stone fire pit’s cleaning method is different. So when you are going for the cleaning process, at first know the material of your fire pit and choose the proper cleaning tool for it.

  • If you have a wood burner fire pit, then you have to remove the ashes before cleaning the pit. In the market, you will find an ash bucket that comes with a shovel. You have to use the scoop to remove the ash safely. You can store the right amount of ashes in this bucket.
  • To clean the fire pit, you will need a heavy-duty brush. This brush will help you in scrubbing and cleaning the inside and outside of the fire pit. Make sure the brush comes with non-scratch spikes.
  • For your metal fire pit, washing soda is the perfect cleaning solution. The mixture of 1-gallon water and 1/4th washing soda will clean your fire pit deeply and perfectly.
  • To clean the stone fire pit, you can use the liquid dishwasher. Mix ½ cup of dishwasher soap and 2 gallons of water, then wash the pit with the mixture. The pit will get clean in no time.
  • The fire pit with glass tends to get debris and soot build-up for the regular use. To remove the debris, you have to use dishwashing soap and water mixture. To remove the soot from the glass, you have to wipe with a towel. Before using wet the towel with the mixture.

How To Clean a Fire Pit – Cleaning Process

Here you will know how to clean the fire pits with safety:

Step 1: Before cleaning the fire pit, remove all the debris and ashes from the fire pit.

If you have a gas pit, then you have to remove all the leaves, pieces of debris from the glass, or stone. You have to use gloves and a trash bag or an ash bucket to remove these.

For other fire pits, clean the inside with a shovel to clear the end of the pit. Make sure the cleaning is done properly.

While removing the ashes, make sure they are cold. It is better to keep your fire pit off the day before you are planning to clean.

Step 2: Cleaning the brick or stone fire pit

Maximum yards have this type of fire pit. This pit comes with brick or stone and needs regular cleaning.

Mix water and muriatic acid solution in 9:1 proportion.

To clean the inside and outside of the fire pit, use heavy-duty brush and gloves in hand.

After doing the scrubbing, spray the water and let it dry.

After cleaning, add masonry sealant layer to make the future cleaning easy and fast.

Step 3: Cleaning the copper or steel fire kit

The metal is durable and holds the heat for a long time. If the fire pit is steel or copper made then

You will need a microfiber cloth, hot and soapy water for scrubbing the inside of the fire pit.

After scrubbing, rinse the water and soap and wipe the pit with a dry cloth.

Make sure the pit is completely dry after wiping or else the metal will get rust.

Step 4: Cleaning the cast iron pit

The cast iron is a long-lasting material, and it needs extra care.

To scrub the cast-iron surface, you will need steel wool and hot water.

After scrubbing, makes sure the surface is getting completely dry because the cast iron gets rust.

Step 5: Cleaning the gas fire pit

The most common type of fire pit burner is the gas pit burner. As it comes with integrated design, so you will not need to clean inside thoroughly. Just wipe the surface with soap water and cloth, then make it dry with a dry towel.

Tips For Maintaining the Fire Pit Burner

After cleaning and use, cover your fire pit with a fire pit cover to keep the burner safe from bad weather. If you use this cover regularly, then you will not have to go for a thorough cleaning, and it also prevents from getting rust. Vinyl or canvas material cover is the best option.

The grill you use to roast meat needs a regular cleaning after every use. Because food particles cause food poisoning.

Avoid using the plastic near the fire pit as it melts. It is hard to remove the melted plastic while cleaning, and it creates toxic smoke. 

Check the rubber gas line daily or weekly. Because it may get leaked or animals can chew it up.

Check the batteries are fully charged or not.

Every month check your fire pit by the professionals. They will help you to make your use safe and long-lasting.

Don’t pour water to stop the fire. Let it burn out slowly and come back to the natural temperature.

For wood burner fire pit, use seasonal wood because they burn clean.

Final thoughts

If you are new with fire pit, at first you have to know how to clean a fire pit. Because this cleaning process will extend the lasting time of your fire pit. With a fire pit in your yard, the evening and night time gets beautiful to pass the time with family or alone. Keep the fire pit clean and spend the evening happily and safely.

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