How to make a natural gas fire pit burner (New 2021)

Want to enhance the beauty of your yard? Try to build an outdoor fire pit; you will witness a heavenly scene in your yard, and also, you have added great value in your home. Feeling depressed or lonely? Just light up the fire pit and see how your mood changes for the atmosphere.

How to make a natural gas fire pit burner

You can build a fire pit all by yourself as it doesn’t require any special skill. Before building a fit burner, you have to consider different factors like- safety, fire materials, hardware, and design. Through this article, I will guide you on how to make a natural gas fire pit burner properly. Stick with me till the end.

Why use natural gas fire pit burner

When you are going to install a fire pit in your backyard, you will find many options to pick, especially the fuel. Let’s look at the options and understand which one is better.


Creating fire with wood is an ancient method. There is no comparison of the scenery of the wood fire, but as for home use, you have to consider using it as it has some drawbacks. Woods require huge space to store, especially in the rainy season. To fit in the pit, you have to resize it by cutting. Though in the market, you will find resized burn wood, they are expensive.  While burning, the wood fire creates smoke and ashes that cause breathing problems for many and pollutes the environment.

Propane gas:

At normal temperature, the propane gas stays in the gas state and cold temperature in the liquid state. Normally this clean-burning material comes from the processed natural gas. This gas can be stored in tanks and easily transported. As it burns clean, you will not have the issue of environmental pollution because, in the air, it turns into a gas. But it is costly and needs enough ventilation in the place where it will burn.

Alcohol gas:

Alcohol makes the fire burn like a candle burning. It does not create a huge flame like other fuels. You can use biofuel, ethanol, and spirits as alcohol gas. It is safe, but too costly.

Natural gas:

Natural gas is the popular one among fire pit users. It is light, cheap, and unlimited. You can use the pipe to get the gas in the fire pit and house easily. But you will need a professional to fit the gas system in the burner for safety. By installing the natural gas, you have added value in your home.

How to make a natural gas fire pit burner

Whether you want a fire pit for commercial or natural use, you have to ensure creativity, labor to make the best one in your neighborhood. What will you need when you are making your fire pit burner? Check out below:


You can use pavers, cinderblocks, and bricks to make your own customized fire pit burner.


For a centerpiece, you need a fire media, gas valve, and a fire pit burner. In the fire burner top, some holes are known as ports. These ports make the flame’s appearance beautiful.

The gas valve will allow you to adjust the flame height and turning on and off the gas.

 The ignition kits and fire pit burner comes with the ignition system, fire ring, and burner pan. So you will not have to purchase the parts individually.

The burner pan works as a supporter for the fire pit ring. You can take the fire pit ledge that comes in form-fitting. This ledge fits inside the fire pit’s interior wall as bracket and supports the burner pan to fit. If you use the burner pan and ledge, then you will not need lava rocks, fire glass in large amounts. To know how much fire media you need, use the fire glass calculator.


Natural gas is the best option to use. Because it is cost-efficient and eco-friendly. You will not have to worry about refilling or restocking the gas. Though once you install the fire pit with natural gas, then it will be permanent, the cozy environment will be there forever.

How to install the fire pit burner

Now it is the time for the DIY fire pit installing process. Follow the steps properly; you will get your own fire pit burner in no time:

Materials and tools:

  • Waterproof gun
  • Hammer
  • Level
  • For grass burner pit, you will need rake and shovel
  • Solid hardscape brick
  • Gas burner kit, if possible get a burner kit with control panel
  • Lava rock
  • Battery for burner blastoff
  • For paver or grass pit, you will need a vapor barrier.
  • The best quality gum
  • Wrenches
  • Power drill

The steps to install:

Step 1: Fix the place before assembling the fire pit. Make sure the place is convenient enough to install the gas system. It is better to install a professional gas technician.

Step 2: If you want to install your fire pit on the grass, mark 40” circle and then remove all the grass and 2” soil from the spot. Level the soil and add 1-2” paver base in the spot where you will build the fire pit burner.

Step 3: If you are installing the fire pit on grass or paver, then you will need to install a vapor barrier. By this, you can protect the gas burner kit by preventing the ground moisture. If you are building the fire pit on the concrete slab, then you will need a vapor barrier.

Step 4: Place the bricks in a circle. Level the bricks with a hammer.

Step 5: Next, place the bricks in the same position but keep a space for the control panel. If you don’t want to use the vent block, then keep enough space in the bricks to allow sufficient airflow beneath the burner.

Step 6: After placing and marking the space of the bricks, then take the bricks one by one, apply the gum, and put back the brick again. To make the placing strong, apply pressure on the bricks.

Step 7: On the top of the bricks ring, place the burner and secure the fitting. Keep 1” overlap on the ring to make the fitting properly.

Step 8: After placing the burner, then place the final bricks on the circle.

Step 9: Wait till the gum gets dry. Place 2 inches of lava rock in the burner area.

Step 10: Start the fire pit and enjoy the flame.

Final thoughts

I think you have now fully understood the process of how to make a natural gas fire pit burner after going through this guide. It is not a big deal if you have proper space and will power to install one. The confusion while installing the burner happens when you think of storage and moving. If you have space and trees, then use a wood gas burner pit. If you have a source of propane or natural gas, then natural gas burner is perfect for you. See, it is simple and fast to build. So choose the right fire pit burner for your yard and enjoy the cozy and lazy evening near it for the rest of your life.

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