How To Remove Desk Drawers (6 Way)

How To Remove Desk Drawers

One day a week, we make our time cleaning the furniture in our home or office. All of us have an office desk in our home and our office. While cleaning the desk, sometimes we have to remove the drawers to do a deep cleaning. Sometimes you may need to remove the drawer for easy transport or quick repair.
Removing the drawers is easy, but it depends on the type of desk drawers you use. To deal with the different drawers, you have to know how to remove desk drawers properly. Here you will get instructions about removing separate drawers from the desks you have. Follow the instructions properly and make the removal task hassle-free.

Different types of desks come with different drawer removal designs. Below I have talked about the common types of design that you will find on the desks.

How to remove the free-rolling and wood glide drawers

Step1: Stand in front of the desk in the distance to let the drawer come out fully without any problem.

Step 2: Hold the handle of the drawer and pull it towards you until it stops.

Step 3: If the drawer has no stopper, the drawer will come out correctly. If there is a stopper, then you have to tilt the drawer downward. This angle will make your drawer a little higher than the stopper to make the pull-out easy.

How to remove the metal glide drawer

Step 1: Stand in front of the drawer you want to remove. It is better to start at the top. Pull the drawer open as far as it can come. Remember to keep space to allow you to reach the endpoint.

Step 2: You will find track levers in the center of the drawer track. Some will be straight, and some will come in a curved design. The slides of full extension drawers have linear levers, and a three-quarter drawer comes with curved levers.

Step 3: You have to use both hands at once to press both levers. You have to press down for the straight levers, and for the curved lever, you have to push the lever until the drawer levels out.

Step 4: Pull the drawer out by holding the lever down. The tracks will slightly come out after removing the drawer. You can push them back.

How to remove the soft close drawers

Step 1: You have to empty the drawer first.

Step 2: Pull the drawer out as far as you can. You will find the guides extended in this drawer.

Step 3: Look for a lock or clip in the lever. If you find a pin, remove the hook while pulling out the drawer, and if you find a wave, then push it while pulling the drawer out.

Step 4: Pull the drawer out until the drawer is off the rails. To remove it entirely, you have to tilt the drawer slightly downwards.

How to remove the drawers with screws

Step 1: Make sure the drawer is empty and start from the top one.

Step 2: The screws will be on the bottom of the drawer track. The screw secures the catch tab that holds the drawer in place the other way.

Step 3: Take a screwdriver to pull out the screw from the place.

Step 4: The catch tab will separate the other track and let you pull up the drawer. You can remove the drawer effortlessly.

How to remove the anti-tip cable drawer

Step 1: Pull out the drawer till the last point, then look at the back for the cable. The metal-made line holds the drawer and prevents opening two or three drawers at a time.

Step 2: The cable will be attached to a place with screws. Use a screwdriver to loosen the screw.

Step 3: After loosening the cable, look for the adjustable tabs in the tracks on both sides. Press them to unfasten the drawer from the way and pull the drawer out easily.

How to remove the file drawers

Step 1: Remove all the files from the drawer

Step 2: Open the drawer till its last length

Step 3: Take a screwdriver and remove all the screws from the drawers back. You will find them on each side.

Step 4: After removing the screws, lift the drawer and pull it out.

Final thoughts

No matter what type of drawer you are using, if you know the correct process of how to remove desk drawers, then the removal process will be easy. Just see the drawer type and follow the instructions; you can remove the drawer from your desk. After completing the cleaning task, make sure to place the drawer properly, or else you may get injured for not putting the desk in place rightly. 

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