How To Restore a Memory Foam Mattress

In this article, you learn simple tips on how to restore a memory foam mattress. You should also know some of the reasons that can cause sagging of your mattress so that so should be able to protect your mattress in the future.

The saggy mattress is the problem of many. It can happen to anyone. It is a very uncomfortable and unbearable experience to try and sleep in the saggy foam mattress. Sometimes you buy the mattress hoping it to be the best quality but you find it to be the same as others that sag from different parts. It hurts the body as well as your wallet. Though, you are always very sharp to observe the features of the mattress before purchasing it.

how to restore a memory foam mattress

Later this memory foam mattress turns your life upside down. It is not all on the mattress that it sags. What if we tell you that you can restore your memory foam mattress? Yes, this is true. You can restore your mattress by following simple ways. Though buying is also an option why ignore the possibility of restoring your mattress and saving the money. If you are suffering from back pain or any other body ache due to the saggy mattress, you need not worry anymore. You can follow the guideline to rehabilitate the memory foam mattress. 

Why does memory foam need to be restored?

The memory foam can be uncomfortable when it sags. It begins to irritate you and snatches away all the luxury you need to enjoy through it. But it is seen that sagging is a common problem faced by many of us in daily routine. You need not worry regarding this issue. The main thing is to know how you can fix the problem of sagging. If you can restore it, you can avoid buying a new one. We have brought for you the ways and methods to fix a sagging memory foam mattress. These strategies will help you getting back the level of comfort your mattress has lost. Before fixing the sagging mattress you need to know the causes and reasons why the mattress begins to sag.

Causes of memory foam mattress sagging

When you start feeling uncomfortable in your bed, you should know that your memory foam mattress has begun to sag. One of the main reasons for sagging is using it too often. You may need to know that the excess use of anything can cause it to worn-out soon. Another reason is the placement of mattress on an uneven surface. This can challenge the material and the foam of the mattress being used. You may need to look closely at whether your mattress has grown old or not. The interior foam of the mattress disintegrates with age. If you are keeping your memory foam mattress in moisture, it can also be a cause of sagging. 

The last thing that may be a cause of sagging is the poor care of the memory foam mattress that it does not deserve. When you come to know the cause of sagging, then the next step is to fix the problem. As you and your partner daily sleep on the mattress so you are putting weight on the top of the mattress and leave an indentation when you wake up. The mattress begins to sag when more weight is applied to it. You must use a mattress topper to slow down the progression of sag. The entire mattress show sagging due to your body weight resting on it every day.

The high-quality mattresses have different layers and the bottom layer has more supports as compared to the top layer. So, you should add more supports to the base of the mattress rather than top to avoid sagging. If the memory foam mattress will have poor support then the sagging will be faster. You can also use mattress helpers as they create more even base for the mattress to rest. 

But before following the guideline you need to know how you can care for your memory foam mattress. It will take you to how to restore memory foam mattress

Care to prevent the memory foam mattress from sagging

Care is the first step you should look for. It will help you to prevent your mattress from sagging. This period of care starts with the date of your purchase. When you buy a new memory foam mattress, it needs to be looked after. In this regard, you can look for a waterproof cover for your mattress. Water is the worst thing to damage your foam. If you can avoid your memory foam mattress from getting wet, you will end up increasing its life. You may also avoid washing your memory foam mattress. You can put a nice fancy cover for this purpose and regularly change the cover whenever it gets dirty. You need to flip the mattress regularly so that it balances the effect of use in either direction. Sunlight is another important hazard for your memory foam mattress. You need to prevent your mattress from direct sunlight. It can damage the inner lining of the foam. 

How to fix a memory foam mattress?

Fixing a memory foam mattress requires certain steps to be followed closely. Here are some important tips that can help fix a memory foam mattress.  

  • The first step is to place the saggy foam mattress on the floor. It will make it fresh and will give you a feeling of newness. 
  • You need to place a pillow under the sagging part of your memory foam mattress. The pillow filled with fibers is the best option for you.  
  • The third step is to use a mattress pad. It will increase the comfort level of the mattress.
  • You need to use decent plywood under your mattress. It will generate firmness in your memory foam mattress.
  • There is also an option to call on a mattress helper. They can help you to restore your memory foam mattress. They may be costly, but they are experts in fixing the old worn-out memory foam mattress. 

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