How To Say Goodbye To Your Therapist – Tips For Ending Therapy

When we appoint therapists, a good relationship builds up with them, doesn’t it?  And it is a normal phenomenon for all of us because we spent an extended period of time with them. We hold lots of memories including good and worse that make us sad. Thus when it comes to saying goodbye to them, we feel anguish, right?

For those several reasons, the majority of people who have appointments with a therapist for a long time don’t know the proper ways of saying goodbye. However, through the write-up, we’ll show How to Say Goodbye to Your Therapist by executing some of the techniques. So, stay with us, and grab your desired answer.

When Should You Quit Therapy?

Whether you are holding grief, going through depression, or a breakup, generally anyone can benefit from therapy in the course of time in their lives. Relying on the sorts of therapy a person takes, can aid them to get more ease and help them to withstand a hardened situation. Despite that for many patients, there sooner or later, comes an end to their therapeutic journey, right?

How To Say Goodbye To Your Therapist

Now a question may arise in your mind: what is the exact time of leaving therapy? Actually, the patient who regularly takes therapy can only realize how they feel and whether they have improved or not. According to Dr. Girbus, a physiotherapist “ It is not necessary that you must be completely symptom-free to end therapy, but you have to realize that, without a therapist, you’ll be up to manage your life.

However, the majority of people go to therapy without a particular goal. Consequently, they can’t comprehend when to quit their therapy. So, before going to therapy, it is better to set a goal and then stop taking therapy, if you perceive that you have achieved your desired goal.

How To Say Goodbye To Your Therapist

As we mentioned earlier, it is hard for most people saying goodbyes to their therapist as they are engaged for a long time. Here, we have accumulated some of the points that assuredly help you to end your therapy session. So, let’s get into the main topic.

Find out Why you Would like To Leave

First of all, find out the reason behind leaving therapy.  Ask yourself some questions like, are you feeling bored? Do you think your therapy is not perfect for you? Or have you already achieved your goals and are feeling better? If the answer to all the mentioned questions is yes, then it is better to say goodbye to your therapist.

How To Say Goodbye To Your Therapist

Don’t Stop Suddenly

Respect the commitment that you have made between yourself and the therapeutic process. It is positive to honor and be faithful to the relationship that you developed with your therapist. Truth to be told, therapists are always concerned for their patients and they often speculate if they abruptly terminate, right? So don’t do it suddenly, take time, bring the best Chairs for Therapists to make them cool, and clear why you would like to leave.

Discuss Your Problem

Even if you notice that some activities of your therapist are bothering you, or making you uncomfortable, discuss with him.  Try to make him comprehend your condition instead of saying goodbye abruptly. If you think that, he is not competent with the troublesome situation that you explained, then say goodbye.

Be Honest

If something is going wrong or not working for you, be outspoken. Misunderstanding and friction is a typical phenomenon in any relationship but it has to be solved after a certain period of time. If both of you work together to find a solution to a problem that you confront, it will make the relationship strong.  So, be straightforward and let it be cleared.

Plan for the End in the Beginning

Therapy will end after a particular period of time and there is no reason to deny the fact, right?  Thus, it is better to make a plan for the end in the beginning. First, make sure that you have set a goal, and let’s talk about it with your therapist that after attaining your goal, you’ll stop taking therapy. Financial situation, and how you would like to end the therapy, discuss it at the beginning of the therapy.

Final Verdict

We have shown How to Say Goodbye to Your Therapist in the above. The points as we enlisted above are the best way we think that you can execute. We know it is hard to say goodbye to someone with whom we have been involved for a long time. But truth to be mentioned that therapy will end after a certain period of time and there is no way to deny the fact.

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