How To Use Foot Bath Massager – Step By Step Guide

Our foot is an essential part of our body. It not only bear the weight of our whole body and a great way to reduce anxiety and depression. A foot bath messenger does the job for you.  A foot bath messenger is also suitable as a cure for Peripheral Neuropathy disease. Many of us buy a Foot Messenger but don’t have the proper knowledge of how to use foot bath massager. Without a proper usees guideline, it is a tough job to get the highest benefit from it.

Don’t worry, and we are here to help you with that issue. We have testified many Foot Bath Messenger and have sound knowledge. This time, we are aiming to allocate our expertise with you. We hope that you will find a complete guideline for using different kinds of Foot Bath Messenger by going through this write-up.

What Is A Foot Bath Massager?

The idea of foot massaging is not new. It starts more than 5000 years ago in Thailand. During that period, people use to massage their feet as a part of the healing process. But over the year, it spread all over the world. Scientists research Foot Massaging, and many manufacturer companies produce “Foot Bath Messenger” commercially.What Is A Foot Bath Massager

Generally, A Foot Bath Messenger is a gadget that massages the foot in a specific way. There are many kinds of Foot Messenger. According to the perception, there are four types of Foot Messengers in the market. They are_

  1. Electric Foot Massagers
  2. Manual Foot Messengers
  3. Spa Foot Messengers
  4. Water Foot Messengers

The function of these devices is not the same. They use for different purposes also. But the core purpose is the same for all Foot Messengers. They all are used to relax one’s mind and relief the pain and stress.

Reasons To Use A Foot Bath Massager

In this modern scientific world, every single device is made for the betterment of the people. The device Foot Bath Messenger is not except for this. Scientists have found Foot Massage is beneficial for health. There are Foot Massager for Peripheral Neuropathy disease. This helps to work the Peripheral nerves. Sometimes it uses as an alternative to medicine for different conditions. The core reason you should use a foot bath messenger is to discuss below.

Reasons To Use A Foot Bath Massager

1. Low Blood Pressure

Foot Massage has a relation with boost up your mood. It lowers your blood pressure and anxiety level. Message on your feet enhances brain activity and reasonably reduces the anxiety level. If you use foot bath massage regularly, you will see the benefit of it after a weak. To get the best benefit from it, do it 15 minutes per day.

2. Improve Blood Circulation

When someone massages their foot, it improves their blood circulation. To people who ache from Peripheral artery disease, a foot massage is effective. Because foot massage enhances blood circulation and the cause of this disease is poor blood circulation. Foot massage is also beneficial for diabetes patients.

3. Prevent and heal foot and ankle injuries

Massaging on foot is effective for people who want to recover their feet after an injury. Foot massage and ankle strengthening exercises prevent injuries. To get the best result, you need to dot it 4-5 times a week. After an injury on the foot, the blood circulation is on the foot decrease in a good number. Thus the tissue of the feet became damage. Massing on feet improves circulation and saves the tissue from damage.

4. Lower Effects of Depression and Anxiety

Scientist found that massaging on feet lower the effects of depression and anxiety. Because you are massaging on your foot, it releases the endorphins hormone. This hormone is accountable for making you happy. By removing the toxins from your body massing on feet improve your mood. Many psychiatrists suggest their patients do foot massage to reduce anxiety and get rid of depression.

5. Reduces Effects of Edema in Pregnant Women

Pregnant women sometimes face the problem of Edema. Foot Messaging can help on that issue. For the women who face this problem during their pregnancy, massage their foot every day for 15-20 minutes will be helpful. Using some warm water while massage their foot will be more effective.

6. Effective For Runners

Foot Massage is perfect for runners. The athletes who run as a professional foot massaging can give them a safe foot. It is needed after and before running. If they do that after finishing every running session, they will get extra energy on their foot also. It will help them to run for a long time.

How To Use Foot Bath Massager

Foot messenger is not a typical home device. Its uses for particular purposes. Therefore, the ignorance of how to use a foot bath massager is pretty common. Since there are various types of Foot Messenger available in the market, we have aimed to discuss four types of Foot Messenger. The name of those foot messenger we have mentioned above.

How To Use A Foot Bath Massager

1. Electric Foot Massagers

Electric Foot Messengers do not need you to roll your feet. The messenger does it by themselves.  They deliver oscillatory motion and also moving motion. Most of the electric messengers are made with the facility of massaging the booth feet simultaneously. There are some big messengers which can massage your calves. They are big in size.

2. Manual Foot Massagers

Manual foot massagers can be anything that has cylindrical or round in shape. They are generally the shape of a tube. You can massage both feet and can get the feet therapy. Some of them are designed with various rollers, and they are easy to use. Most physicians are advised to use these rollers to relieve the pain. They are tiny in size so you can carry them anywhere and store them easily. However, remember that they will not be effective as Electric Massagersz

3. SPA Foot Massagers

Spa Foot Massagers are getting more popular among the people as it has various benefits. They are designed with a heater which provides hot water. You need not heat the water separately. This is more relaxing and comes with a lot of advanced features. It has water jets and a roller for massaging your feet. When you place your feet on the rollers, it automatically starts rolling your feet and supply warm water. You can also put some oil to get the best spa result.Spa Foot Massager

4. Water Foot Massagers

This type of massagers has the same function as Spa massagers. They have a faster water flow and an effective rolling action. They have a digital design, and you can customize them if you want. For the quickest flow of water flow, Foot Massages are perfect for soothes the feet. This kind of massager is ideal for making your feet pretty and soft.

Final Thought

The uses of Foot massagers are increasing day by day. The effectiveness of Foot Massagers boosts people to purchase this device. With the above benefits, this device also helps to ensure sound sleep. Because sleep has a relation with depression and anxiety. The best thing about any Foot Massages is they have no side effects.

So, know perfectly how to use a foot bath massager and get a healthy life by using it properly. Experts suggest not to use these Foot Massages continuously.

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