17 Most expensive wood for furniture (Updated)

Most expensive wood for furniture

The look of the furniture in a house enhances the beauty and reflects the owner’s taste. We see the use of timber in windows, doors, decoration pieces. Wooden furniture was also considered as royal taste from ancient times. Whatever you make with the wood, it will turn out classy and long-lasting.

As for furniture, we know the price differences in different wooden furniture. The cheap ones are common to find and easy to work with. The expensive ones are unique and challenging to make. Today we will talk about the most expensive wood for furniture; you will find the information very interesting.

Just think you are using the furniture that was made from expensive wood. Isn’t it thrilling? Ok, enough of the drama, let’s see the pricey woods and make the costly furniture for you.

1. Purple heartwood

You will find this wood from the tree name Peltogyne. This tree is located in South and Central America, like Panama, Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Amazon.
The tree’s height comes in 30 to 50 meters, and the trunk’s diameter of 1.5 meters. The fruit pod comes with one seed, and the flower of this tree is white.
Purpleheart wood costs 9 to 11.99 dollars per board foot. This wood is hard and water-resistant. The unique characteristic of this wood is the color is fantastic and changeable. You will see the wood color frequently changing from purple to dark brown.

2. Sandalwood

This wood comes from a tree called Santalum. You will find this tree in Pakistan, Indonesia, Australia, Nepal, Hawaii, Sri Lanka, AND India.
This wood is popular and widely used in the world. Not only can you make classy furniture with this wood, but you can also make cosmetics and medicine from the oil that comes naturally from the wood. The Japanese, Chinese, and Hindus use this wood for different religious practices.
The sandalwood is dense yellow wood with a pleasant fragrance. The fragrance is famous and long-lasting. The cost of this wood is 20 to 30 dollars per kilogram.

3.  African blackwood

The wood is known as Dalbergiamelonoxylon. You will find this tree in the dry parts like Transvaal, Eritrea, Senegal, and South Africa.
The tree comes in 4 to 15 meters in height, and the flowers of this tree are white and grow in a cluster. You will see spiny sprouts and grey bark in this wood.
The cost of this wood per ton is 10000 to 20000 dollars. This wood is mainly used for making furniture and musical instruments. The wood gives the piece a look rich and beautiful.
As the germination of this wood is low and for no conservation plan, it is now considered a rare species.

4.  Agarwood

This wood comes from the Gyrinops tree, Aquilaria, and Synopsis plant when they get infected from mildew. It is dark and sticky wood. You will find this wood in the dense forests.
Before getting infected, the agarwood comes in lightweight, odorless and pale in color. After getting an infection, the wood receives dark and dense, and the aroma comes out from the wood.
The cost of the wood is 7000 to 10000 dollars per kilogram. The aroma of the wood is used to make perfumes.

5.  Ebony wood

You will find this wood from the Diospyros tree, which is also known as black timber. The tree is found in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, and Africa. Wood is rare because of its slow growth.
The wood is dense and thick; you can sink the wood in the water. The texture of the wood is fine and comes with a smooth finish. The black color of this wood comes in various shades. You will find bow frogs, black piano, guitar, chess set mandolin, and different items made with this wood. The cost of this wood is 10000 per kilogram.

6. Pink ivory wood

This wood comes from the African Red Ivory wood. You will find this tree in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. The shades of this wood are unique; the color shade starts from a pale rose color to watermelon and, lastly, to a deep purple tone.
This wood is rot-resistant and heavily durable. This wood is used to make different musical instruments, canes, billiard cues, jewelry, and medicine. The cost of this wood is 7 to 8 dollars per board foot.

7.  Lignum vitae wood

This wood is also known as ironwood. This wood comes from the Guaiacum Lignum, found in the northern seashore of South America and the Caribbean. This tree is Bahamas’s national tree, and the flower is Jamaica’s national flower.
This tree is rare in nature, and the meaning of this tree in Latin is a tree of life. It is because of the use of medicine like arthritis and coughs.
It is a tough, strong, and dense type of tree, and it is widely used as a decorative, manufacture of art items, and mechanical engineering. The cost of this wood is 5 dollars per pound.

8.  Dalbergia wood

This wood comes from different sized trees and shrubs of the Albertina family. You will find the trees in the warm regions of Africa and southern Asia, Madagascar, south and central America.
The famous wood type of Dalbergia is the rosewoods that are popular for the smell. The wood is strong, durable, and challenging. It is expensive for the fragrant and the look.
This wood is mainly used in plywood, railway sleepers, furniture, and sports goods, etc. the cost of the wood is 14 to 16 dollars per board foot.

9.  Bubinga wood

The wood comes from the Fabaceae Bubinga family known as Guibourtia; it is mainly a flowering plant. You will find this tree in the extensive lakeside forests, African tropical areas, Bangkok and South America.
The tree’s height is 40 to 50 meters, and the trunk’s diameter is 1-2 meters. The knife handles, rear handles, furniture, bass guitars are made from this tree. The cost of this expensive wood is 18.99 dollars per board foot.

10.  Bocote wood

This wood belongs to the Cordia genus that comes with 300 species of shrubs and trees. You will find the tree in the warm regions and Central America.
The texture of this tree is unique as it comes with black-brown stains in the wooden background. The background comes in different colors, like golden brown to greenish-yellow.
The use of this wood is mainly seen in musical instruments, stylish furniture, flooring, hunting rifle butts, etc. the cost of this wood is 32.99 dollars per board foot.

11.  Mahogany

You will find mahogany trees in tropical countries and tropical forests. The reddish-brown color gets darker as the wood grows old. If you polish the wood, it will deliver a reddish gloss.
The color gives the furniture a great look, and the scent adds excellent value. You can make musical instruments, boats, and cabinets with this wood. The cost of this wood is 8 to 30 dollars per board foot.

12.  Snakewood

The snake tree grows in the South America coastal region. The name of this wood is given for the snake look pattern on the body. The wood comes with contrasting brown or black patches with a reddish-brown color. The texture is smoothly-even and shines naturally.
You can make cabinets, closets, furniture, violin bows with this wood. It is heavy, strong, durable, and insect resistant. The cost of the wood is 9 dollars per board foot.

13.  Elmwood

This wood comes from the Ulmaceae plant family that grows in Australasia, the mountain region of Eurasia, tropical part of the northern hemisphere.
The wood is durable even it is wet. It is popular to use as flooring and different furniture. This wood is also used as drums, wagons, chair seats, ropes, and canoes. The cost of this wood is 10 dollars per board foot.

14.  Maple

The maple wood comes from the maple tree. The color of this wood is light with a reddish or golden hue.
This wood is flexible and durable to make different doors, cupboards, musical instruments, cutting boards, flooring, and other wooden items. The cost of the wood is 10 dollars per board foot.

15.  Bloodwood

This wood comes from the Pterocarpus angolensis tree that grows in southern Africa. The name is given to this wood for the tree’s red color sap.

This sticky red sap works as a wound healer, dye, cosmetic color. The tree is used for different medical purposes like stomach problems, ringworm, eye problems, etc. it is also used for the flooring as it is water and insect resistant. The cost of this tree is 11.9 dollars per foot.

16.  Rosewood

This wood comes from India, Madagascar, Bolivia, and Southeast Asia. The color of this wood is brownish with dark purple streaks.
The wood is heavy, durable, flexible, and vital to make different high-quality furniture, musical instruments, chess pieces, flooring, handles, recorders. The oil of the wood is used in other perfumes. The cost of this wood is 8.50 dollars per foot.

17.  Cocobolo wood

The cocobolo tree is rare, and you will find it in Central America and Mexico. The wood comes with reddish or orange-brown color with uneven dark lines.
It is famous for its floral smell, and it is resistant to water. You can use this wood for different furniture, instruments, etc. the cost of this wood piece is 600 dollars.
So here is the list of the most expensive wood for furniture. If you want something unique but long-lasting woods for your house and you have enough budget to invest, then do consider using any of the above mention woods. You will not regret the look of your furniture and items that you have made with wood.

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