Office chair vs. gaming chair – Which Is The best?

Admit that, life is now spent by sitting on chairs most of the time in our life. The maximum of our work has to be done by sitting on the chair. Yes, the chair has become an important part of our life.  Because the sitting posture has to be perfect while you are spending so much on that chair. Now the question is, which chair is better, office chair or gaming chair? To get the right answer, you have to know the difference between office chair vs. gaming chair. Know about the chair, compare them, and then pick the right one that ensures the right posture and comfort. This guide will help you to know about both chairs.

What is a gaming chair and office chair?

The office chairs come in a simple and sophisticated design. They come in different colors and brands.

They offer only to use as a desk chair with flexible wheels, adjustable height, and comfortable features. There are different types of office chairs, like mid-back chairs, task chairs, and executive office chairs. Among these, the executive chairs come in a special design to let you sit for a long time, but they are expensive ones.

The gaming chairs come with a sporty design that makes them look attractive. This chair is specially made for game lovers. To let them play for a long time smoothly, this chair comes with pedals, steering wheels, speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, and other accessories.

Office chair vs. Gaming chair – Which chair Is The best

Office chair vs. gaming chair

The office chair and gaming chair are different in style, comfort level, and adjustability. Let’s talk about the differences in detail to understand:


If you compare the design of both chairs, the gaming chair will win in the look because the chair comes with striking designs. If you notice, you will see how the chairs come in different colors. You will find the padding thick, the backrest high, and the armrests with an adjustable feature. 

On the other hand, the chair comes in a simple design with mute colors. The chairs offer useful features than attractive design. The chair focuses on comfort than design.


Both chairs offer support and comfort, but the gaming chair offers more. Because your sitting posture stays in the proper position in the gaming posture, for the poor posture, you will face lots of neck and back pain.

The comfort features that a gaming chair offers are:

1.  Bucket seat

The side of the seats of the gaming chair is little elevated, like racing car seats. This design is known as a bucket seat. When you are on this seat, you will have limited space to sit, move, and to shift position. If you want to feel limited and cozy while sitting, then the bucket seat will work for you.

The office chairs don’t come with this type of seat; the seat has flat sides. Your sitting will not be limited, and you can sit in any position on this chair as it has space.

2. Cover

 The chairs come with thick foam padding that helps to distribute weight evenly. This padding covers with different materials like leather, fabrics, etc. the gaming chair uses polyurethane or leather as covering. The leather is expensive, but it is worth it.  If you maintain it properly, it will last long. It is stain proof and doesn’t recollect odors. 

The office chairs padding has the poly blend coverings. The covering is easy to maintain, but it holds the odor and stains. So frequent washing makes the fiber fade and loses overtime.

3. Front lip

The gaming chair has a front lip that is raised like seats of a racing car. This feature is not good for legs because it limits the sitting space and stops the blood circulation in the legs. 

The office chair doesn’t use this design; they let the leg bent in a 90-degree angle by keeping the foot on the floor. You will not feel any discomfort in the leg while sitting on the chair.

4. Backrest

The gaming chair has winged backrest for no reason. They just adopted the design from the racing car seat. This wing limits your upper body movement.

The office chair doesn’t have this winged backrest. You can stretch your arms freely while sitting on this chair.

5. Lumbar and head pillows

Sitting for a long time causes muscle stress, neck, or back pain. To avoid these problems, the gaming chair has a detachable head and lumbar pillows. These cushions help you to sit in the right posture, and after long sit, you will not feel any pain or stress.

The office chair comes with attached lumbar pillows. Some chairs like high office chairs have adjustable lumbar and head pillow.

6. Headrest:

The gaming chair comes with a high back and fixed headrest. For this support, you can lean back frequently.

The office chairs don’t come with a headrest option.

7.  Armrests

Be it an office chair or gaming chair, an adjustable and comfortable armrest stays in the consideration points. The armrest comes in three configurations- 2D to 4D.  You can adjust the 4D armrest in different directions like up, down, frontward, and back. The gaming chairs armrest comes in 4D configuration.

The office chair’s armrest comes in 2D configuration, which allows you to adjust up and down position.

8. Lie back

The gaming chair has the feature of reclining back. So when your body needs an urge to lay down, just lean back on this chair. It will make your stress leave.

The office chairs do not have this feature. It is obvious that you cannot lay down while working in the office.


The office chair and gaming chair comes at a different price, and it depends on the brand. But the price of the gaming chair is higher than the office chair. So decide on your budget.

The benefits of an office chair and gaming chair

If you buy a gaming chair, you will get:

  • Ergonomic and comfortable design
  • Different options to adjust the seat
  • Looks with different design and color
  • Great gear for gaming.

If you buy an office chair, you will get:

  • Best chair for desk use.
  • It helps to work in the office for long hours.
  • Comfortable seat.

Final thoughts:

Who wins in this battle- office chair vs. gaming chair? Well, honestly, this battle is going for a long time, and both chairs are in tie position. Because both offer the same benefit for both users, if you are a professional gamer, then a gaming chair is a must for you, and if you just love to be in your work desk, then take the office chair to meet your purpose. The picking depends fully on your personal preference and use.

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