11 Types of Leather For Furniture – How To Identify

Leather is a very important part of the furniture. An item of furniture is not complete without a good quality leather.

Types of Leather For Furniture

There are different types of leather is available in the market. Some leathers are of very good quality and some are of cheap quality leather. Some types of leather also used as a status symbol and are very expensive.

There are many different types of materials are used in the process of leather making. Some are also made with natural materials. Some of the leather is also very cheap and will easily be in your budget.

Every different type of leather has its own different qualities which are used by many people. So, we will discuss in the article about different types of leather for furniture, which is available for you.

11 Types of leather for furniture

There are many different types of leather available. I have written about some types of leather so that you can get a clear idea while choosing a piece of leather furniture. The various types are:

Leather Upholstery

This type of leather is easy to clean, as it is water-resistant. So, in this leather, you don’t need to worry about cleaning the furniture. The stitches in the leather are made in the inside direction not outside which increases the quality of this type of leather and the life of the furniture is also increased. The biggest benefit you can get this leather is that the temperature of this leather adjusts with the body temperature. Which means you will not feel more cold or hot while sitting in this leather. There are also small particles in the leather which lets the leather to breathe which means the air can pass from the leather.

Split Grain leather

In this type of leather, the upper layer of the leather is made of grain. There is a total of three layers of grain leather. The grain has the highest quality in this type. But there are also some disadvantages to this type which are It is not as durable that is the life of furniture is not very much. It is less flexible due to which you will feel hardness while sitting in the furniture. It also prone to cracking, but this type of leather is very cheap.

Full-grain leather

It is similar to the above type, but the difference is that it is made full of grain and there are many designs are made in the upper layer. It has not been altered by sanding, buffing or any other treatment. It is very smooth which is preferable to many people as many people like smooth leather for their furniture. So, those can go of this type. But the problem in this type of leather is that it is more prone to strains.

Full Aniline

It is a type of dyed leather and it has no surface coating. It is soft to touch and it has a light level of protection to beautifully enhance the natural markings and characteristics. It has a grain structure but it is more prone to stain.


This is the type of leather the same as that of full aniline as the name suggests. But its quality is better than that of full aniline. It has an additional layer of pigment coating to provide durability and color consistency. It is not much prone to stain. But it has a stiffer feeling, not softness. 


Bonded leather is the type of leather that is made with the help of leather scraps. But there are many problems with this leather-like it is more prone to cracking. Which decreases the life of this leather? It feels like plastic and another problem is that does not have pores to pass air.

Nubuck leather

This type of leather is waterproof and it is made with rawhide from cattle. It is very fragile. So, it provides very good quality to the buyers. And proves to be a good return of money. This provides a very luxurious feeling as it has a velvet-like surface.

Top grain leather

The above-talked leather types come under top grain leather. The leather types such as Aniline, Semi-aniline, pigmented and Nubuck all these comes under top grain leather. All these are just sub-parts of the top grain leather.

Corrected grain leather

It is the top grain that has been lightly sanded to remove some of the surface grain imperfections. It has pigments added to provide uniform color, consistency, and durability.

Faux leather

It is not real leather and animal parts do not use to make this leather. It is made with the help of synthetic chemicals and the texture is good. This type of leather is soft and most suitable for people who have a low budget as this is available at a very cheap rate.

Bi-cast leather

It is cheap and in the budget. This is mostly like that of bonded leather. It has long durability which means it can be used for a very long time at a very low cost. It is a very good quality of this type of leather where low price and durability both are available. It has an appearance like that of Top grain leather. There is also and another good quality is that it is stain free. Anything split in the leather can be easily wiped out.


These are some very famous and commonly used leather type. You can choose a type of leather for yourself and check which is best suitable for you and among all which is in your budget. Or if you want a Top-quality leather that is also available for you.

Some leather is also newly introduced which is not real leather but has the same properties. These leathers can also be suitable for those who are animal lovers.

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