What is the best recliner brand?

This is pretty much a subjective question, as the personal taste of each person differs and varies greatly in the selection of a perfect recliner.

For picking the best recliner brand for your particular case you should keep in mind, first of all, the general summary of all the things you are looking for in a chair.

Recliner Brand

What are you looking for the most in a recliner?

General comfort: Probably your main concern would be that sitting in the chair when you have the chance feels good and it is relaxing in general. And that is true, but, it should not be the only thing you focus on when deciding which brand to buy.

Cost-Effective: Deciding on the best and most expensive chair you can find because it has all the things you are looking for is not a good idea if after buying it you do not have any time to use it because you are working 4 extra hours each day to be able to afford the fee.

Find a balance between all the other factors and your finances to get a good chair that will last longer and be enjoyable.


Not only the fabric needs to be soft, silky, cozy or any other thing that means comfortable, but it also needs to last. The fabric has to be able to withstand cleaning potential spots and stains as well as being strong enough to endure scratches from pets or accidental bumps from your shoes or keys.

Silence: Some chairs may start to have a cracking or squeaking noise after some years of usage, you have to check for what kind of rocking or reclining mechanism the chair has and regularly check it out.

Safety: Your chair has to not have any visible moving part that can pinch your fingers or hair while using it.

Easy assembly: You may not want to call a technician or another family member to help you with the assembly process of your newly acquired chair, so try to have a peek at the instructions before actually buying it and have sure that you can read them.

Well framed: If everything seems good but the chair is not well framed or made with poor quality materials that do not sustain the weight adequately then it may start to crumble after a few months of usage, rendering the overall good aspects of the chair useless.

Now that we have talked about all the stuff you should consider previously regardless of any brand, in particular, let us dive into some of the most known ones that you can consider before doing your research:


With a quirky name, this brand invented the first reclining chair-sofa of this kind close to 90 years ago and is still going strong. This brand has been a pioneer in most of the features you can expect in some of the chairs; like massagers and heat control.

Southern Motion

With a very casual and not in a bad way style, this brand prefers to focus on comfort and durability instead of super slick designs and now provides a casual and cozy final product that fits nicely in almost any home.


Ashley Furniture is one of the biggest brands of the entire reclining chair industry, with more than 70 years of constant testing to maintain a lead on security, durability, appearance, and performance of the amazingly comfortable chairs they provide.


With this name, you can expect some of the sturdiest built chairs on the market. But not just that, because the company gave a lot of attention in recent years to include eco-friendly practices and materials that earned them a lot of worldwide recognition. With more than a century in the market, this brand has evolved multiple times and always for the better and it was regularly awarded by the American Furnishing Association.


This brand, which started back in the early days of the Great Depression with an investment of only 30 dollars, grew and grew until becoming a true innovator that carries a lot of the advances in the industry. Providing with some of the quietest motors for the massage systems and with a lot of care put into the adaptable tilt of the chairs, this brand is surely one that should be on top of your mind.

Ravenna Home

This brand has started recently and with great partnerships and agreements has skyrocketed to the top of the podium very quickly. They provide overall good and comparatively cheap chairs that can be used in the office or your own home without them looking off, with a variety of colors and materials that do not let anyone out of the option.

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