What mattress is the best for back?

Sleep is a vital factor for good health. Being a need of nature, sleep also falls on the bed of thorns, but a comfortable mattress is also necessary for a restful sleep because one-third of our lives are just spent on a mattress. Hundreds of companies in the market claim their beds are the best, but we have to select only one of them that suits our requirements. Now the question arises, how should I choose the best mattress? Many factors decide the best bed for a specific person, and some are about that person, and some are about the mattress. The factors associated with a particular person who helps them choose the best beds for themselves are age, height, weight, health conditions, etc. And the aspects related to mattresses are their quality, softness, etc. We will see the rates of beds that will help you to choose the best for you.

How To Choose What Mattress Is Best For Me

What is the difference between firm and soft mattresses?

We differentiate a mattress as firm or soft based on its feel. We say some mattresses as soft if they compress when we apply pressure, and firm mattresses are more rigid than soft ones. It should also be noted that almost all beds are made up of nearly the same type of material, but their construction in a unique way makes them soft or firm. You have to select the best for yourself, and I will discuss the advantages and drawbacks of both soft and healthy mattresses.

Advantages of Firm mattresses

For persons who are not suffering from back pain, a firm mattress is generally a good option. While sleeping on a firm surface, bones bear most of the body weight and keep muscles, veins, and arteries safe from stress. Firm mattresses also allow more oxygen intake.

Drawbacks of firm mattresses

For the persons having problems in the back, a firm mattress can increase their pain. That is why it is important to see other factors associated with the person buying a mattress.

Advantages of a soft mattress

Soft mattresses are recommended for persons who are suffering back pain or had been suffered it. Those persons can also use soft beds which sleep on their side as the spine is better aligned on soft mattresses.

Drawbacks of soft mattresses

Soft mattresses can be problematic for persons with heavier weights. They can also cause back problems although they look very comfortable by their feel. Bed sharers can also have issues with soft mattresses, as the heavier partner may sink in, leaving an unstable surface for their partners. A firm mattress is a good option for such people.

How to choose what mattress is best  for me

Whether you suffer back pain or not and the sleeping position you like more are the two choices considered the most for choosing a mattress best for you.

Those without back pain or stomach should go for a firmer mattress.
A heavier person should also go for a firm mattress.
Another important factor is a personal reference. Regardless of viewing the mattress that is more specialized for the spine’s needs, if you are still uncomfortable with that mattress, don’t choose it because comfortable sleep will not be fulfilled and the primary purpose of the bed.


  • Many factors must be considered for buying a mattress, but back pain and sleeping should be regarded as the most.
  • But the factors of weight, whether you share a bed or not, and personal reference can’t also be ignored.
  • There are two types of mattresses, and the above-discussed factors will suggest best for you.

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