When is the best time to buy mattresses?

A mattress is necessary for every household. It helps a person to sleep comfortably. The mattress is made with soft, firm and springy material, which helps in providing comfort to anyone.

The mattress not only provides comfort but also helps in many problems like Lower back discomfort, Distributes the weight evenly, it helps in decreasing stress, Enhances proper alignment, Etc.

There is very much confusion in people about when is the best time to buy a mattress or which type of mattress is suitable for them.

All your doubts can be cleared in this article. I will show you the different types of mattresses available and the time when you can buy a mattress.

Types Of Mattress

There are various types of mattresses available in the market. The most common types are

1. Innerspring mattresses

This is the type of mattress that has spring inside and provides great comfort to the person. It is bouncy which you can feel by pressing the mattress. You can check the quality of the innerspring mattress by checking the rounds made on the outer side of the mattress. More the rounds greater is the quality of the mattress and vice versa.

2. Memory foam mattress

This mattress is suitable for a person who is habitual of sleeping in the side position. It provides support to the hips and all the side parts of the body. The synthetic material used in the memory foam mattress.

3. Latex mattresses

It is the same as the memory foam mattress but the difference is that the material used here is of natural materials, no chemical material is used. It is suitable for people who prefer natural material more than chemicals.

4. Water bed

In this type, the mattress is filled with water. It provides support to the back portion of the area. It is also very bouncy because of the water inside it. The water mattress is generally more expensive as compared to all the other times of Mattresses.

5. Air bed

In this type, the air is filled inside the mattress which supports the body and comforts. It is easy to carry because you can fill air yourself whenever needed. And when it is not required you can fold the mattress and keep it in a bag. After removing the air, the size of the mattress becomes very small.

6. Others

There are also many other types of mattresses available according to your choice like pillow tops, Gel, Adjustable bases, Etc. The above-described types are very common types of mattress and the others are also available but these are not very common.

Best time to Buy a Mattress

Best Time To Buy Mattresses

When is the best time to buy a mattress? All around the year, there are many times when you can buy a mattress of proper quality and in cheap prices. You may be thinking about then to buy, so I have provided you with a list of times when you can buy a mattress.

1. Festival season

In the festival season, most of the companies provide special discounts to their customers. You should wait for a good festival season where you can get the maximum discount. The discount season generally starts from a week before the festival. You should wait till the discount is maximum and buy at that time. Ensure that you should buy the mattress as soon as possible because at that time the stock gets finish very soon.

2. Online sale

All round the year, online shopping websites give discounts many times. So, whenever you get to know about an online sale make sure you make the most out of that sale. And purchase the mattress at the maximum discount possible. Also, compare the prices of different shopping websites and buy from the website which gives a maximum discount. But also keep good quality in mind. Make sure you are purchasing the mattress of good quality.

3. Weekends

On weekends some shops give special discounts on discounts more than that on weekdays. So, go check the nearest mattress shop on weekends and see more discount is available than in general. Weekend means on Saturday and Sunday. The discount is given at weekends is because of the holiday at the weekend and most of the people go shopping on the weekends.

4. Special market

In many areas, there are special markets held. These markets generally provide more discounts than the general shops. Make sure you once visit the special market which held near you and checks the prices there. Maybe you can get the mattress in more cheap rates.

5. Stock clearing time

Once a year, the mattress companies or shops have a stock clearing time when they clear their stocks and gives the maximum discount possible for them. This is the best time all round the year where the discount is maximum. But you need to take care of that time and the companies that give discounts at stock clearing time.

6. Special discounts

Sometimes shops, as well as online shopping sites, gives special discounts on various items. You can also keep checking when they are going to give special discounts and wait till that time comes. And check the prices then and make sure if the prices match your budget rate or not.

7. End of season sale

Every shop and Every online shopping sites give the end of season sale. Where they give a maximum discount. For the mattress, it is generally Late winter and early spring. Where you can get a good quality mattress at the maximum discount.


So, now you can find a good quality mattress and at a reasonable price after reading all the points. I will help you greatly as now you will know about all the discounts throughout the year. You can also decide the type of mattress which is good for you. So, go ahead and find a good mattress for yourself.

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