Why Are Office Chairs So Expensive?

Why Are Office Chairs So Expensive?

When will you go to fetch an office chair, the first thing you will ask, why are office chairs so expensive? Before going to answer, let’s know why we need an office chair? Think about our daily life schedule; we have to spend hours with loads of pressure just sitting on that chair. The chair is with us in our bad and good days in the office. So the chair needs to secure and supportive to help us to deal with the daily workloads. 

We set up our office with a big budget, but we don’t care about the chair, and for that, we tend to go for a cheap one. As a result, we get effected with pain in the back and a broken chair after some rough use. So let’s look at the factors about the price tag of a good quality office chair.

Are expensive office chairs worth it?

To understand the expense of the office chair, you have to know about the quality, durability, and design of the chair. Just think you have to spend 40+ hours on that chair, and still, you are debating about the price. Let’s look at the factors:


The first thing that will make you take the office chair is the look of the chair. The design of the chair makes the buying decision fast. If the design attracts you, then you will get the chair. So the designers work on the design for a long time. All love to use a unique design, and to make a unique design; the manufacturers invest a lot. The more unique design, the pricier it will be. Simple and straight.


While buying an office chair, you will look at the materials of the chair. You may want good material in the cheap version, but it is not possible. Because good material means premium leather or fabric, soft cushion, and they are costly. The expensive office chair uses this material and ensures durability and comfort. On the other hand, the cheap office chair uses less durable materials to cut the cost.

User friendly

The doctors are researching for a long time about the human posture as they have to spend more than 40+ hours in the chair they use. From the advice of the researchers, the chair companies are trying to make a chair that will help the people to enjoy health benefits while sitting on the chair. The cheap chair comes with negative side effects on the human body like muscle pain, back pain because the chair doesn’t offer any healthy posture for the body.  The expensive office chair comes with user-friendly features to comfort the body and healthy posture while sitting. And these features can’t be compromised with money.

Adjustable features

As you have to spend hours on the chair, it has to come with an adjustable design like adjusting the backrest, armrest, and headrest. It is for giving the body comfort after long work. The cheap chairs don’t offer these adjustments as it needs great mechanism parts to attach. For that reason, the office chairs come high in price.

Research and development

To work on the design of the chair, there is a team of research and development. Here people are continuously working on the product to develop it more comfortably and add more benefit for health. This procedure is costly, for that the office chair comes costly.


The expensive office chair comes with long warranties. They assure you to replace the parts that will accidently get broken whereas the cheap chairs don’t have this opportunity.


If you invest in an expensive chair for one time, it will be the last time because the expensive chairs offer a rough use for decades. You will not think of losing money on a chair frequently. But the cheap one will not let you use more than two months.

Final thoughts

I think you have the answer to the question, why are office chairs so expensive? The thing is you have to bear in mind that you will use this chair for a long time and you have to get health benefits from the chair. So when you are looking for an office chair, do consider to have the expensive one, because the cheap ones are not worth it to invest and use.  Invest in the best one, and enjoy the utmost benefits for a long time.

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